The Week in Review: Feedback and Votes wanted, Custom Dropdowns and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: an update on eZ Platform 2.4, feedback and votes wanted, an in-depth blog about custom dropdowns in eZ Platform and more.


eZ Platform v2.4 update

"We are well advanced in the development of eZ Platform v2.4 and it's time for us to give you more visibility on coming changes to our plan. Version 2.4 is the fourth release in less than a year for eZ Platform version 2, and a lot of work has been done by our engineering team."

Read the full blog by Roland Benedetti, Chief Product Officer at eZ.

We want your feedback on 'Unpublish'

Once again we ask your feedback for a small feature in eZ Platform. What action would you like to be executed if you unpublish in the future (scheduled operation)? Check out the poll on our forum and leave your feedback.

Note: we posted an earlier request for feedback - Are you using Oracle and/or an Oracle/eZ Platform connector? Feel free to leave a reply on this also.

Vote for eZ Commerce

eZ Commerce is participating in the E-Commerce Germany Awards. Time to leave your vote! Rules of Voting in E-commerce Germany Awards contest:

  • There are 10 categories - from every category ten companies will be promoted to the next round -> Jury Voting (the one with the highest amount of votes);
  • Results of the Public Voting will be determined by online voters - each voter has 8 votes, one for category;
  • In order to vote a Facebook account is necessary;
  • The voting period lasts from December 3 (1 PM), 2018 to December 21 (11:59 PM), 2018

Creating custom dropdowns in eZ Platform

"eZ Platform comes with a bunch of utilities that can help you build rich UI. They make your administration panel better in terms of UX and overall pleasure of using the eZ Platform CMS features. One of such utilities is a small component/library that enables you to implement custom dropdowns anywhere in the system."

Read this full blog by Piotr Nalepa, Senior UI Developer at eZ, on the eZ Platform Developer Hub.

Symfony local web server for eZ Platform development

"At SymfonyCon 2018 in Lisbon the Symfony local web server was announced. As a Symfony framework app this works fine with eZ Platform. I find it to be a great option to run simple eZ Platform project that do not need all the complexity of setting up Nginx/Apache or Docker or whatever."

More on this by Jani Tarvainen from eZ on our Forum.

In Other News:


eZ related videos from Web Summer Camp 2018 released

Netgen has released all videos from Web Summer Camp 2018. This includes:

  • Site API for eZ Platform
  • Extending eZ Platform
  • eZ Cloud powered by
  • and lots more

View the YouTube playlist from Netgen for a complete overview of available videos.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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