The Week in Review: eZ Platform 2.3 Sneak Peek, Slack Changes and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: a sneak peek into Form Builder, small changes made on our Community Slack, a reminder to help us translate eZ Platform and more.


How to create forms with the new Form Builder

In an earlier sneak peek, Amit Golan Gutin, Product Marketing Manager at eZ, introduced improvements around scheduling changes on your website. This week Amit provides an insight into the new Form Builder which will also be part of eZ Platform 2.3.

"eZ Platform v2.3 is a mere two weeks away and is expected to reintroduce many useful features that were missing in the previous release. One of those prominent features is the form builder. The form builder will allow users to easily create, manage and reuse forms anywhere on their website. One of our goals was also to continue improving the editorial experience by enabling users to easily edit forms."

Read the full article on our blog.

Slack Channels Archived and Renamed

This week several unused channels on our Community Slack Workspace have been archived. Some channels were renamed, for instance #ezstudio-use to #ezplatform-enterprise and #i18n to #ezplatform-i18n. Finally, missing or incomplete channel Topics and Use descriptions were also corrected.

Reminder: Help us Translate eZ Platform

eZ Platform 2.3 will be released at the end of this month. If you are using eZ Platform in a multilingual environment, now would be the time to join our translation effort. Get your own language ready and shipped with 2.3!

We have setup a server running the demo, based on the latest version of eZ Platform. This server is shared with the public and enables in-context translation. All you need is an account on and follow the tutorial shared here.

In Other News:


How to contribute to our documentation

With our Developer Documentation moved to, it is now easier for everyone to contribute through GitHub. So let's have a look at how to do this.

You can visit the Documentation repository on GitHub, find the corresponding *.md files and make your suggestions there. Or follow your regular Git workflow cloning the repository and contributing to the documentation. Other methods could be submitting a Jira issue, posting your suggestions on our dedicated Slack doc channel or contacting the Doc Team via email. To get the full details on all these options, check out our contributing to documentation page.

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#ezplatform #ezcommunity @sunpietro from @eZSystems talks about how we moved away from YUI in favor of React in eZ Platform 2.x @meetjs - Andrew Longosz (@andrew_longosz) September 19, 2018

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We're in San Francisco tonight with @magento, @JNJcares, and @eZSystems sharing how to deliver value faster through open source and cloud-driven development. Thank you @DocuSign for hosting us! - (@platformsh) September 19, 2018

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