The Week in Review: eZ Platform 2.2, Internationalization and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: the release of eZ Platform 2.2, Internationalization efforts for eZ Platform, a heads up on Symfony 3.4.12 and more.


eZ Platform 2.2.0 available

The summer release of eZ Platform v2.2 has arrived! This release introduces features such as page builder, bookmarks, roles and permissions and much more that benefits editors, website administrators and developers. Read the full announcement on our blog.

eZ Platform v2.2 is available on and via composer update. eZ Platform Enterprise Edition v2.2 is available for customers in their support portal. eZ platform Enterprise Edition v2.2 is available as a trial for partners in the partner portal. It is of course also available on eZ Platform Cloud. To see the full list of our new features, check out our release notes as well as the link to the list of changes on Github for open source and enterprise edition.

Join us on July 3rd (Webinar), 2018 at 10:00am ET/ 3:00pm CET as Product Marketing Manager, Amit takes us on a tour of eZ Platform v2.2.

eZ Platform internationalization

With the introduction of the localization feature in eZ Platform 2.2, you can now contribute to an existing translation or create an entirely new translation, if need be. If you'd like to take part in this effort, consider signing up with Crowdin, a simple service that offers a very helpful in-context translation interface. Feel free to contribute to our efforts here: You can find documentation on and GitHub.

Big thanks to all contributors. The 2.2.0 i18n packages have been deployed. We have 10 languages above 50%:

  • French & Polish (100%)
  • Norwegian Bokmal (89%)
  • Spanish (71%)
  • German (65%)
  • Portuguese (63%)
  • Greek (60%)
  • Hungarian (60%)
  • English US (58%)
  • Italian (51%)
  • Russian (38%)

More translations are of course available, you can check them on the Crowdin project.

Note on Symfony 3.4.12

We have received a few messages where a Composer update brings your Symfony install to 3.4.12, causing small problems. One example results in an infinite login loop. You can read about that on Slack. The Symfony 3.4.12 version has been added to the 'conflict' section of 'package.json' for eZ Platform.

In Other News:


New Bundles

Emmanuel Drouet share another bundle through his 'One Monday One Bundle' effort, the eZ Platform UI Tree content browse menu bundle. This bundle is available on Packagist, you can watch a demo on YouTube.

Gaetano Giunta shared the Abacus Advance Bundle by Kaliop. This bundle is also available on Packagist.

Question of the Week

Carlos Revillo: Do we have something similar in eZ Platform v2 to "RemoveSiteAccessIfDefault" which was available in Legacy? Edi Modrić provided a working example which you can check on our Slack Workspace.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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