The Week in Review: eZ Platform 2.1, Symfony Thanks and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: eZ Platform 2.1 bringing many new features, Symfony thanks, eZ Platform UI search filters and more.


eZ Platform 2.1 Released

"We are thrilled to announce the release of eZ Platform v2.1. This release bears many wonderful surprises and useful features that the product team has been working very hard on. The features are expected to greatly enhance both the developer and the editorial experiences."

Some of the new features include:

Release notes are available on our documentation site. You can read the full details in the official announcement.

Which Filters for eZ Platform UI Search?

With the release of eZ Platform 2.1, which includes the improved filtered search, eZ Chief of Product Roland Benedetti has asked the following question to our community: Which filters for eZ Platform UI Search?

Head over to our forum and let us know in the poll which filters you would be interested in!

Symfony Thanks

eZ Platform 2.1 now includes an extra dependency symfony/thanks. Suggested by Javier Eguiluz through a pull request, "Symfony Thanks allows users to say thanks to the libraries used in their projects. Despite its name, it's not a "Symfony thing", but a "PHP thing."

Javier writes: "Technically speaking, it's a tiny dependency that includes just a few lines of PHP code (all the work is done by Composer). The dependency doesn't execute anything unless the user explicitly wants to do that and types some command. A nice side effect of "saying thanks" is that the entire PHP community gets more recognition on GitHub in the form of a GitHub Star."

SymfonyLive Paris

On Thursday and Friday, the French team attended the SymfonyLive Paris event. As a sponsor, we had an exhibition stand filled with goodies that attracted developers. The team talked a lot about eZ's new PaaS and commerce offers, and the next eZ Conference in June. This year, for the 10th edition of SymfonyLive Paris, all tickets were sold out, and we know why: the agenda was very exciting. On Thursday, Allociné, French leader in the cinema information industry, shared insights on migrating its API to Symfony 4. There were also talks about architecture, Mutation Testing and Doctrine. On Friday, attendees learned more about optimizing PHP 7, ReactJs, or choosing the right option between REST or GraphQL.

We were very happy to meet our partner Kaliop during the event, also a sponsor. We had two great days communicating with our ecosystem and we can't wait for next year. Thanks to SensioLabs for organizing this 10th edition!

Merci à @eZSystems, Sponsor Gold au #Symfony_Live Paris pour leur soutien ! - Symfony Live (@symfony_live) March 30, 2018

In Other News:

Question of the Week

This week I caught not one but two interesting questions on Slack. The first one is by Carlos Revillo: "Good morning. it's possible "assign" a site-access to more than one group?" He actually answered this himself: "A SiteAccess can be part of several groups. A SiteAccess configuration has always precedence on the group configuration. This is cool."

The second question was by Felix Laate: "Trying to do a fresh install, I get: 'PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\ClassNotFoundException: Attempted to load class "Sensio GeneratorBundle" from namespace "Sensio\Bundle\GeneratorBundle' Any ideas anybody?"

André Romcke replied to this: "Skip `--no-dev` when installing with composer, `--no-dev` only works with symfony prod now with Symfony 3 _(because GeneratorBundle, enabled in `dev` by default, is set up as a require-dev dependency now."

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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eZ Conference 2018 is coming up in less than 3 months--we hope to see you there! (Pssst: this year, it's free! ) REGISTER today: - eZ Systems (@eZSystems) March 28, 2018

TagsBundle for #ezplatform released in version 3.3, introduces persistence cache for tag objects! - Edi Modrić (@emodric) March 28, 2018

Tell us who stands out in the eZ Community! Submit Your Nomination for eZ Awards 2018 #eZConf2018 #ezcommunity - eZ Systems (@eZSystems) March 30, 2018

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