The Week in Review: eZ Platform 1.13.1, Community Updates and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: the eZ Platform 1.13.1 release, Community Updates such as the Community Board renewal and more.


eZ Platform 1.13.1 Released

eZ Platform 1.13.1 has been released. This is an update for eZ Platform 1.13 LTS. This release comes with many bug fixes and improvements, including to the PlatformUIBundle, content-on-the-fly prototype bundle and ezplatform-http-cache. For a full overview, check the release notes on GitHub. Note that there is also a release.

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition is also available as 1.13.1 release. Release notes are also available on GitHub. For future releases, check our roadmap.

Community Updates

The eZ Community Board is preparing the renewal of its Board members. Keep an eye on for a blog post next week announcing when nominations will open. Some of the benefits of joining the Community Board are growing your leadership skills, and also being part of the decision making process and governance of our community. If you are curious about our mission and goal, or governance of the community, read the governance framework.

A quick reminder that we launched a new and dedicated forum for eZ Platform at Why a new forum? We launched this new forum for several reasons. The most important one is to preserve our knowledge around eZ Platform and to make it available to everyone. Join us, share your knowledge, and ask your questions to fellow eZ Platform developers on!

We ran a survey a while ago asking our community if they would be interested in a hackathon during this year's eZ Conference. With the response we got, we decided to not organize a hackathon this year and focus our resources to give you an excellent experience during the conference itself.

In Other News:


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GDPR is around the corner but there's no need to panic! Join the webinar by @eZSystems and hear how to get ready for GDPR. - Exove (@exove) February 20, 2018

Early Bird tickets for @WebSummerCamp are selling out We have some great speakers announced, CfP is still open, and if you have any questions, contact me #websc #ux #userresearch #php #symfony #ezplatform #javascript - Maja Nebes (@Maja_Nebes) February 21, 2018

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