The Week in Review: eZ Conference 2018, 0Auth on eZ Sites and More

This week we share news about the location and date for eZ Conference 2018, a Symfony security advisory, infrastructure updates and more.


Save the Date: eZ Conference 2018 - Cologne, June 5-7

We're thrilled to announce the location and date for eZ Conference 2018: Cologne, Germany - June 5-7, 2018.

eZ Conference is our content technology summit and the largest gathering of the eZ community worldwide, bringing together experts in CMS, and professionals in digital strategy, marketing and engineering to share, learn and network.

Symfony CVE-2017-11365: Empty passwords validation issue

An important security advisory was published on the Symfony Blog this week. The security issue was introduced while fixing two other previous issues. "After the fix, validating a user password with a UserPassword constraint but with no NotBlank constraint would pass without any error as previously."

Read the blog post to check affected Symfony versions, and also the resolution which includes a patch.


For those who have had problems accessing since Thursday of last week: It is now, as far as we can tell, working 100% again. The problem was with the cloud hosting provider, where a network problem meant that roughly 50% of requests would fail. It took a bit longer to fix than expected, as we were spending most research on our own code, not really suspecting the provider.

We had some good help from the community in our Slack channels, testing performance while troubleshooting-thank you for this.

In other news:


Integrating OAuth on eZ sites

Why ask your visitors to create yet another account when you can use 0Auth on eZ sites? Netgen provides a solution with a bundle based on HWIOAuthBundle.

Read the Netgen blog about the NetgenEzSocialConnectBundle with information about features, installation and configuration examples.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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