The Week in Review: Extending eZ Platform, Conference Recap, and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: How to extend eZ Platform on the front end side? UI Developer Piotr Nalepa explains in detail. Recaps and photos of our Conference and more.


eZ Conference recap

Last week we held our annual event, eZ Conference. We had a record number of visitors, from Community members and developers to partners. A great time to meet, share and have fun at an excellent location - next to the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany. Congratulations to all eZ Award Winners!

Check out our photo album on Facebook to get an impression of the conference. Some of our partners also wrote a recap, look for them in the 'other news' section below.

An amazing #eZconf2018 in Cologne is over! Thanks to all that participated, and all our sponsors! Next year we celebrate eZ Systems 20th anniversary! Where would you like us to host #eZconf2019? Any suggestions from the #eZcommunity? - eZ Systems Nordics (@eZnordics) June 7, 2018

Extending eZ Platform 2.x on the frontend side

Based on his presentation at the conference last week, on extending eZ Platform 2.x with Symfony and React, Piotr Nalepa (Senior UI Developer eZ Systems) provides insight into the evolution of eZ Platform v2.

"With this technology stack, we are sure we're following the best modern app development trends enabling us and our community, partners, and customers to build superb features without being hindered by the lack of experts in a given technology."

Read his full article which includes some practical examples and code, and learn how to extend eZ Platform v2 on the front end side.

In Other News:


The Open Source Way

We recently updated our Open Source page on our corporate website, listing all resources for our developer community. Are you new to our Community? Make sure to check out that page and learn everything about available resources and how to contribute to eZ Platform.

Question of the Week

Hubert Fongarnand asked how to implement an infinite ajax scroll pagination of a list of content. If you are interested in this solution, read the replies on our forum which also include code examples available on GitHub.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

Social Media

Small, but significant change as url_alias slug converter configuration lands in #eZPlatform: Lower case by default /kudos @andrew_longosz + team - Jani Tarvainen (@velmu) June 15, 2018

 Join @netgentweets & #Cloudinary to learn more about how to leverage the full power of Cloudinary's image and video management solution on #eZPlatform projects using Netgen's #opensource plugin. Register now: Tuesday, June 26th 3:00pm CEST (6:00am PT) - Cloudinary (@cloudinary) June 14, 2018

Thanks to great community at #eZconf2018 #ezplatform for the award and the ease you make it to contribute! - Douglas Hammond (@wizhippo) June 8, 2018

French team ready for the World Wide Cup ! Let's go ! RRRRRRRRR @eZSystems @eZnordics @eZSystemsDE @eZSystemsUK - eZSystemsFR (@eZSystemsFR) June 14, 2018

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