The Week in Review: 3 Years! - Security Advisories and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: 3 years of Week in Review posts, security advisories, updates on the eZ Platform Developer Hub, new events and more.


3 Years of Week in Review

3 years ago, we wrote and published the first Week in Review. It has since evolved in a format with regular sections such as news, resources, social media and events. Also, over time, the blog posts moved to our corporate website. You can view all past editions through the Developer Insights category blog.

We've shared some great news through this blog, from releases to the introduction of our mascot Pulley, new resources like eZ Platform Bundles and a lot more. Do let us know in the comments below if you have feedback on the Week in Review!

Security Advisories

Two security advisories have been published this week. Make sure to check out the details and take the necessary actions. Get notified in time through RSS.

eZ Platform Bundle List Redesigned

Bundles for eZ Platform are shared on the Bundle list, available on the eZ Platform developer hub. The design of this list has been improved, one notable improvement is filtering on categories, in which the Bundles are provided.

If you created a Bundle and made it available on Packagist, do let us know and have it added to the Bundle list!

American Museum of Natural History Launch

Congratulations to the American Museum of Natural History and eZ Partner Mugo Web on the launch of the new! It serves the many needs of 9 million online visitors per year (from visit planning to showcasing exhibit objects and important scientific research) and also power apps and in-gallery kiosks for this engaging and iconic New York museum.

In Other News:


GraphQL Bundle v0.3.0

Bertrand Dunogier from eZ's Product team has released the GraphQL bundle v0.3.0: "This is the 3rd release of the eZ Platform GraphQL integration. It makes the repository based, generated schema the main one, and completes most of its features." Learn more about GraphQL in this article by Jani Tarvainen.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

Social Media

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