Predictions – our 2012 visions in retrospect!

Predictions – our 2012 visions in retrospect!

'Tis the season that the crystal balls come out and all great sages tell us what's coming. Here at eZ we stand for openness. So lets start with what we said would come and add a note on how we got on. Yes we are that brave!

We'll consult the runes in our next post of course!

So…last year we shared our thoughts on what we were most likely going to see happen in the Customer Experience Management (CXM) market. Here's the link in case you missed it: //

1: We said - Measurable KPIs for Each Channel [….] we will see that there must be a requirement for better tracking of how good a specific content item is doing in the different channels.

We did: Integration of eZ odoscope: Smartsite Analytics and eZ Live Viewer DIRECTLY into the back office of eZ Publish.

2: We said - Personalized Content Navigation to Cope with Content Growth.

We did - As above: eZ Recommendation Service, our algorithm-based content recommendation toolkit is now integrated directly into back office of eZ Publish. Behavioral analysis of audience across your network can deliver personalized content direct to your readers across multiple channels.

3: We said - Mobile First is the new de facto Standard.

We did - Responsive design is the BASELINE multichannel solution for all sites since eZ Publish 4.7 (launched May 2012). In addition we improved the inbuilt native App SDK (software development kit) and added eZ App Factory for lite or test and trial app projects. Improved too is the REST API enabling limitless mobile approaches.

4: We said - HTML5 Gaining Momentum over Content-Driven Apps.

We did - We created eZ Publish 5 Platform front end and administration interface utilizing HTML5 / CSS3 techniques to give us a full responsive design. This means we can run on desktops, tables and mobiles.

5: We said - Traditional Businesses Going Mobile

We did - eZ focused hard on mobile development opportunities for our ecosystem - the optimized REST API creates the necessary freedom allowing developers to build holistic web experiences across any device.

We also brought in extensions to help bridge the gap where traditional enterprise solutions often don't allow for mobile or tablet access . eZ Arender lets your users view via a browser (pretty much) ANY document type on any screen! Your business can now simply be in your's and your customers' pockets in ways previously not possible.

For small businesses we partnered with Deutsche Telekom to produce eZ Publish International - a full responsive design "lite" website builder - a SaaS service enabling SME's to develop their own PC, tablet and mobile site in very short time, with simplicity.

6: We said - Shops as a Part of a Holistic Content Approach 
Social media integration, user reviews and best practices descriptions will be tightly integrated with personalized e-commerce offers.

We did - We improved your users' shopping experience potential with eZ Way to Magento . Comments, star ratings and social sharing that are all part of eZ Publish are now merged with Magento's eCommerce tools. Watch for more in 2013!

7: We said - Workflow Support will Become Business Critical. 
Customers also expect short-term answers to their inquiries over digital channels.

We did - You can't get more direct than an instant telephone call back when you are browsing online and have a question. That's what eZ Lekane Dialogue lets you add to your site. A dialogue box lets the visitor put in their phone number. At the other end the customer service operator can see the user journey, anticipate a need and call them back with relevance.

8: We said: - Self Service 
Organizations have to become more efficient and responsive in order to stay competitive.

We did - eZ Publish' mix of mobility, content personalization, multilingual site versions, content geo-location, eCommerce and measurement ensure a customer experience integration unique in our sector.

With eZ Publish 5 Platform launched in November we have added eZ Marketing Automation that rounds the circle for continuous customer communication and service. Wherever the customer is in their relationship with the client appropriate communication can be programmed to ensure that their hands are held. This ensures proactive service by design.

9: We said - Hyperlocal Services Kick In

We did - Nothing! The technology was already built into eZ for our Business Solution Partners and customers to adapt.

We did write a reference case, though, to show how this is being adopted by a committed innovative regional news publisher in France - Nouvelle Republique Centre Ouest. Bravo!

Journalism technology site give us their angle here.

10: We said -TV is the new Mobile ;)

We did: a lot of TV watching!
 We did say that "TV will be the next channel in the multi-channel challenge". We observed that the race is now well on with Smart TV solutions which are emerging fast from folks like Samsung, Sharp and LG. Watch for eZ Apps on the big screen next year….

Today Sweden's UR, France's Canal+, Switzerland's SF TV stations and several others in Europe use eZ for their web content management and publishing. eZ Recommendation Service already powers the web and set-top box program and movie suggestions at T-Home in Germany.

Thanks for a great year!

eZ Platform is now Ibexa DXP

Ibexa DXP was announced in October 2020. It replaces the eZ Platform brand name, but behind the scenes it is an evolution of the technology. Read the Ibexa DXP v3.2 announcement blog post to learn all about our new product family: Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce

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