It's official: the 2015 eZ Award winners

It's official: the 2015 eZ Award winners

After two months since voting was opened, the wait for the 2015 eZ award winners is finally over. The results come after hundreds of people from the eZ community voted, representatives from 16 countries flew to New York, and a jury held hour long debates to vote for which one of the nominees would be the ultimate winner.

The winners for the nine categories were announced yesterday at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York. The actress Julia Collier hosted the ceremony and a jazz band entertained the 70 plus eZ members who enjoyed an open bar.

This year's winners are underlined below, alongside the other nominees.

Innovation of the Year

  • Klarna Payment connector for eZ Publish and eZ Platform by Klarna and Seeds Consulting
  • eZ + Sylius by Keyteq, Norway and Netgen, Croatia
  • Silver e-shop,, Germany


Contributor of the Year

  • Carlos Revillo for PriceFieldType, MatrixFieldType and contributions to eZ Platform
    • (accepted by André Rømcke on behalf of Carlos Revillo)
  • Sebastien Morel for NovaeZSEOBundle and contributions to eZ Platform
  • Edi Modric for his continuous work on the Tag bundle and contributions to eZ Platform

Best eZ 5 Symfony Project:

  • Hootsuite
  • Bürkert website and shop

Best Mobile Experience

  • Viking Line Passengers
  • Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Comscore

Best Website User Experience

  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Financial Times Live

eZ Social Supporter of the Year

  • Jani Tarvainen
  • Gilles Guirand
  • Ivo Lukač

Best New Partner

  • DigitasLBI, France
  • Exove, Finland
  • Claranet, Germany


Partner of the Year

  • Novactive, North America
  • SQLi, France
  • Ixonos, Finland

Blogger of the Year

  • Peter Keung
  • Jani Tarvainen
    • (accepted by Janne Kalliola on behalf of Jani Tarvainen)
  • Ivo Lukac

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