Introducing eZ Publish Platform 5.4

Introducing eZ Publish Platform 5.4

A rock-solid CMS platform and the best of its generation, eZ Publish Platform 5.4 is designed to create digital experiences that simply work.


Today, eZ Systems released eZ Publish Platform 5.4.

The latest (and last) release of the 5.x generation, eZ Publish Platform 5.4, is designed with an emphasis on quality and reliability, while continuing to provide you with the performance you have come to expect. eZ Publish Platform 5.4 will be our best supported and most stable release to date.

A long-term extended support release

Users that are on the old legacy systems and in the process of moving to the new stack will be best benefitted by moving to 5.4 as soon as possible -- even if they are not in a rush to move to Symfony. eZ Publish Platform 5.4 fully supports the legacy stack and can then be used as a solid version to perform a migration.

Once again, this can be done progressively, as 5.4 is a long term extended support release (LTS). With extended support, 5.4 will be maintained up to fall 2019. If you'd like, you can take your time to migrate to Symfony!

More Symfony, less legacy for a better Developer Experience

Similar to previous releases, a lot of our efforts have been put into reducing the dependency on legacy features and developing new features on the new platform. All of which are Symfony based. In that respect, 5.4 has achieved a lot.

This new version comes with several key new features, such as native I/O (input/output) support for images and binary file management, native cluster support with compatibility and support for the old legacy DFS cluster, image and improved cache systems.

As planned, the outcome is:

1) A significantly improved developer experience thanks to a system that relies very little on the old legacy system. For developers, this makes 5.4 easier to learn, easier to use, more agile and more powerful thanks to the Symfony framework.

2) A reference as a Symfony-based CMS system with a high quality codebase along with strong and clean use of the Symfony2 full stack. This makes it easy for Symfony users to use and integrate with other Symfony projects.

3) A technical foundation for the future eZ Platform, as migrating from 5.4 to eZ Platform will be streamlined.

4) Better suited for delivering content to any user, on any channel and on any device.

Out of the box premium content features

One of the eZ Publish Platform sweetspots is complex content delivery models, such as supporting content commerce and multichannel delivery. eZ Publish Platform 5.4 built on this strength and simplifies its use. With 5.4, there is now a standard way to implement the management and delivery of premium content. You can promote your premium content to all your readers and deliver it in its full version only to the subscribers that have the right permissions for it, whether it's based on a subscription or on any other mechanism.

High performance and high availability made simpler

Together with the improvements made on the Symfony side, enhancements have been brought to the repository system, the API and the cache system, which helps you achieve better performances in a way that is simple to manage.

For example, support for Varnish accelerators for high-performance is now native in 5.4. No more need for complex setups and recompilations of Varnish, Varnish 3 and 4 are supported out of the box.

Another example is the new possibility to deploy images in a cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or to use dedicated and highly optimized web servers for the delivery of images and rich media.

With such improvements, 5.4 keeps increasing its high performance and high availability capabilities while simplifying how to configure the platform for such goals.

Feature list and resources

eZ Publish Platform 5.4 brings 28 new features, 45 improvements, and 184 bug fixes that were present in 5.3 or lower.

See our 5.4 release notes and 5.4.0 changelog for more information on the updates.

Now what next? The natural path to the next generation

As always in software, whatever the roadmap of a specific vendor may be, many ask: "Should we use this new version or wait for the next one?"

If you have an existing eZ Publish Platform project, should you migrate to 5.4? Should you take the risk or stay on the version you use now? Should you wait for a brand new ".0" version of the next generation? The most likely answer is that you should move to 5.4 in most of the cases. Why?

eZ Publish Platform 5.4 is supported long term and is also the highest quality of any 5.x version. The new version was built in a way where upgrading from a previous version like 5.3 is seamless, and then moving to the next generation will be simplified as much as possible.

Whether you are conservative and happy with the current feature scope, or ambitious and willing to leverage the next generation of eZ products, in each case moving to 5.4 should make your life easier.


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