Inside eZ System’s Enterprise Services

Inside eZ System’s Enterprise Services

Ever find yourself in the situation where an application is not behaving as you would like it to? Even though you've read the product manual and tried different options you find yourself in the need of assistance from someone who is an expert on that application.

The application eZ Publish Enterprise, the expert eZ Support Services.

eZ Systems has been growing its support division steadily over the last few years and is proudly able to provide you with Enterprise Level Services 24/7/365. Always there to assist you to run a stable and secure web application.

Enterprise Support Service process:

The eZ Service Center is your starting point, where all requests are being received and tracked. Got a question, or an issue, or even a feature suggestion? Call us, email us, or open a ticket directly online, and you have our attention.

You'll receive a confirmation upon receipt of your request, and someone will be assigned to the ticket and work on your request within the time set by the agreed SLA.

If the answer to your request already exists, then you will be provided the solution right away, if not a Product Support Engineer will investigate the issue. As stated in your subscription contract, progress reports are provided on a regular basis. You may also check the progress yourself by accessing your open ticket through the Support Services Portal. If you have any further updates or comments on your initially reported issue you can enter these yourself via the portal by clicking on the issue tracker. You may also phone us and the Support Consultant can add information or comments into the same issue tracker.

But it doesn't stop there….

  • If you're looking for implementation assistance, we will contact the Professional Services team.
  • If you need a bug fix, we will contact the Software Maintenance team.
  • If you have issues with eZ Cloud service, we will contact the Cloud Operations team.

Your eZ Support Services team will interface and follow-through no matter which team or department within eZ is needed to resolve the issue. You only need to contact the eZ Service Center and you will have our fullest attention and we are here for you 24/7/365.

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