eZ to launch enhanced search engine and recommendation service

eZ to launch enhanced search engine and recommendation service

Today marks the beta release of eZ Publish Platform 5.4.5, and we are opening up full public testing of our greatly enhanced search engine and our newly re-engineered eZ Recommendation Service. These improvements are the first among many to come out this fall, and they'll also be made available in eZ Platform and eZ Studio, our next generation solutions launching later this year.

New Apache Solr-based search engine

After much anticipation, today's release of our Solr search engine completes our underlying eZ Platform architecture, both as part of existing eZ Publish Platform 5.4 as well as for eZ Platform and eZ Studio.

With this new search engine customers will be able to get much more reliable performance and even higher scalability of their search traffic. The new search engine will also leave much more headroom for our content repository to do what it does best: let you update your content.

Search is a cornerstone in the eZ Platform architecture, powering not just full-text user search but all queries for generating lists of content. Several additional search features are coming out later this fall and next year, and search will become even more advanced, more user friendly, and more developer friendly.

New integration of eZ Recommendation Service

Recommendations are a key way to engage your audience with relevant, personalized content. We've re-engineered the eZ Recommendation Service to seamlessly integrate in our Symfony-based eZ Platform architecture.

This new implementation avoids putting additional load on your servers by serving recommendations and handling tracking of user behavior via the Recommendation Service, which has been specially crafted for high levels of traffic. In addition to scaling smoothly, you'll also be able to fully fine-tune the look and feel of the recommendations themselves.

Get the beta

These improvements are available to existing eZ Publish Platform Enterprise customers via v5.4.5. currently in beta. The enhancements will also be available in the forthcoming eZ Platform and eZ Studio beta releases, out in early October.

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If you get any exceptions for missing features, have feedback on performance or want to discuss, join the eZ Community channel on Slack at: https://ezcommunity.slack.com/messages/ezplatform-use/

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