eZ sees 35 percent growth in North American subscription revenue

eZ sees 35 percent growth in North American subscription revenue

Bolstered by a 35 percent growth of North American subscription revenue during the first half of 2015, eZ continues to expand its U.S. hub in Brooklyn, NY.

Our office in East Williamsburg, eZ's global headquarters for product management, product design and marketing operations since 2014, has expanded dramatically in the last 12 months, and our staff in New York has reached a dozen.


The expansion coincides with eZ's financial success in the last two years, during which eZ's EBITDA improved by more than 7 million USD, and the company reached profitability. This trend continued into the first half of 2015, with several significant new customers joining the eZ ecosystem.

Aleksander Farstad, CEO and co-founder of eZ, provides a detailed account of the company's financial success in the press release available for download below. eZ began its seismic growth in 2013, when Farstad returned to eZ as CEO.

Describing the company's growth the past two years, Farstad said:

"We are pleased with the results so far. It reflects the hard work and improvements we have introduced during the last two years. But we see vast potential to accelerate our growth even further and improve our profitability, particularly with the upcoming launch of our next generation content management solutions, eZ Platform and eZ Studio, our biggest release in a decade."

Many top brands continue to innovate with eZ, including The Financial Times, Harvard Kennedy School and The American Museum of Natural History.

A scalable business model primed for growth

More than 85% of eZ's revenue comes from software subscriptions. Subscriptions have an average lifetime of 7 or more years, which makes the company's business model highly scalable and solid. With that reliable foundation, eZ can accelerate its investment in both product and services.

"During 2015 we have grown our team substantially and expect to increase our staff by 30% by the year's end," said Farstad. "We are able to accelerate this growth while still maintaining our profitability."

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