eZ’s SaaS Product Launched on Deutsche Telekom’s Business Marketplace

eZ’s SaaS Product Launched on Deutsche Telekom’s Business Marketplace

Following the conclusion of the partnership between eZ Systems and Deutsche Telekom in July 2012, we are now very proud to announce the launch of "eZ Publish International" on the Business Marketplace of Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom brings the cloud to small and medium-sized businesses

Deutsche Telekom (DTAG) is one of the major incumbent operators worldwide that is embracing the Telco Cloud opportunity as they find their traditional business models increasingly undergoing disruption and evolution. DTAG is focusing on cloud services as one of the major areas of, aiming at a contribution of about €8bn by 2015 (see Annual Report 2011).

With the Business Marketplace (www.telekom.de/cloud/businessmarketplace), Deutsche Telekom is offering a platform with a portfolio of innovative and secure software solutions for standard business applications to their large customer base in the small and medium-sized business segment.

eZ Systems is a part in this exciting new Telekom business from the beginning

A website building kit is one of the business applications that significantly leverages the advantages of the cloud Marketplace, amongst others in DTAG's portfolio.

eZ Systems, a player under analysis in the Gartner Magic Quadrant with a global presence and one of the most renowned software vendors in the commercial open source market, has a long experience in providing CMS as Software-as-a-Service in the Nordics.

"eZ Publish International" out of the cloud

For Deutsche Telekom and the German market, eZ Systems tailored a special edition of eZ Publish: "eZ Publish International" is targeted at customers with a need for a multi-lingual, mobile-ready and easy & rapidly set up website.

Roadmap towards full Customer Experience Management solution for SMB's

eZ Systems and Deutsche Telekom are planning to offer further CMS-related products and services in order to provide full customer experience management capabilities not only for big enterprises but also to SMB customers.

For further information, please see the case study Telekom Business Marketplace: eZ Publish International (SaaS) for Small and Medium-size Businesses 

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