eZ Platform Enterprise Now Officially Supports Use with Legacy Bridge

eZ Platform Enterprise Now Officially Supports Use with Legacy Bridge

To simplify the lives of our existing eZ Publish customers looking to migrate to eZ Platform, we are happy to announce the roll out of full support for eZ Publish legacy and legacy bridge, as of eZ Platform v1.11, even on PHP7.

Last month we added support for several things on eZ Publish Enterprise 5.4LTS (5.4EE) that eZ Platform users already had support for in quite a while-with PHP 7.x being the biggest addition to our updated 5.4 requirements page, including documentation for upgrading a project to PHP7. However 5.4EE is by definition a stable release, therefore we knew many of our partners and customers wanted more-they wanted to be able to use the latest eZ Platform features, including newer versions of Symfony.

So as of the release of eZ Platform v1.11, existing eZ Publish customers have full support for setting up legacy bridge with the new eZ Publish legacy 2017.08 release. This allows our customers to access all the new features added to eZ Platform over the last two years in version 1.0 - 1.11, including the Studio features which come with eZ Platform Enterprise.

We also plan to support legacy bridge in the upcoming, and much anticipated, eZ Platform v2 release, which is currently scheduled to hit stable release by end of year.

What are the benefits for eZ Publish Platform users?

Here are some benefits for users looking to upgrade to eZ Platform plus legacy bride from 5.4LTS or other 5.x / older 201x.yz related releases:

  • A feature-rich and matured eZ Platform
    • Closes the feature gap between legacy and eZ Platform compared to 5.4, containing many rapid development features that legacy developers depend on
    • Support for the latests version of SolrBundle with more advanced features including Solr6
    • Once eZ Platform v2 is released, there will be access to use it with the latest version of Symfony, greatly improving performance and developer productivity
  • A better migration setup
    • Ability to test out eZ Platform's backend UI and actually using it
    • Enterprise users can test out eZ Platform Enterprise features such as the Studio suite
    • Users can setup and still have eZ Publish legacy there while gradually migrating

What are the downsides for eZ Publish users?

As for downsides, here are a few worth mentioning:

  • With eZ Platform there is a new UI introduced that is native to the platform, with legacy bridge you also have the old admin interface. There are technical limitations (ex: Field Types), and it can be highly confusing for editors, so in the end you need to avoid using both at the same time
  • For 5.4EE users, legacy releases made to use with eZ Platform are not LTS releases. Basically, it will be similar to how our bi-monthly eZ Platform Fast Track releases work, hence you can expect an update every two months. In addition to what you can expect on an LTS release like 5.4EE, there may be slightly bigger changes (improvements) coming your way

How long will this be supported?

This setup will be supported on both versions 1.x and 2.x of eZ Platform. Beyond this, it probably won't be supported. There are several features planned for eZ Platform in the future which means a departure from being able to support running eZ Platform and eZ Publish side by side. Therefore, we don't think this will be supported once we reach eZ Platform v3, but only time will tell. For Enterprise users, this will roughly align support of a v2 LTS plus legacy bridge with our service life plans for 5.4EE, meaning you can count on a migration period until around 2021. And if you are a community user, it will be supported at least for a few years, as maintainers have a need for this in their projects.

How can we further help you?

Starting back in July of this year, I have been gradually taking over responsibility of our Customer Success teams, spanning our brand new proactive Support team, maintenance and security teams. And while I'm still in transition until end of year from my existing role as head of engineering into my new role as leading the customer success team, I want to emphasise that I along with the rest of eZ are here to help. And we are working towards increasing the service level we offer to our customers. So if you are a customer or a partner, don't be a stranger, reach out-we are here to help!

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