eZ Announces Name Changes to Product Portfolio

eZ Announces Name Changes to Product Portfolio

About four months ago eZ adopted a new motto and it's already been put into practice by our teams, from Product, Engineering and Professional Services to Sales, Marketing, IT and Finance. It may just be a single word but our motto is influencing how we make decisions to improve both internal operations and the way we support our clients and partners.

Our motto is easy: simplify.

Three months ago we started reviewing our product portfolio from a brand perspective-product naming, in specific-and we uncovered an opportunity to put our motto in motion. Here is the end result.

Introducing eZ Platform Enterprise Edition

eZ Enterprise, our commercial open source content management platform, is now eZ Platform Enterprise Edition. This new name tells the story more clearly. After all, our commercial offering is based on our open source core, eZ Platform, with additional features, support and maintenance services.

This new name will help veterans and newcomers to the eZ ecosystem alike better understand what we offer. From a brand perspective, it'll put the right focus on the name eZ Platform, which is the heart of our portfolio today.

eZ Studio is now simply Studio

Our feature set for editors and marketers, eZ Studio, is now simply Studio. Sure, it's a small change but important nonetheless. By dropping the eZ prefix, we clarify that Studio is a component of our commercial open source offering, not a commercial product of its own.

The capabilities in Studio-landing page editing, flexible workflow and in-page editing, for example-are only available in eZ Platform Enterprise Edition. Other core editorial functions such as access to the repository and the ability to create, edit and publish content remain in the core, available in eZ Platform Open Source Edition as well as eZ Platform Enterprise Edition. That's right, you'll start to see these names more often when we differentiate between our pure open source and our commercial open source offerings.

What about the subscription?

The commercial open source subscription will still be named the eZ Enterprise Subscription. The subscription provides access to either of our content management systems, eZ Platform Enterprise Edition or eZ Publish Platform, under eZ's Business Use License (BUL).

eZ Platform Open Source vs Enterprise Edition

While some product and feature names have changed, our core approach to the architecture remains untouched. eZ Platform Open Source Edition and eZ Platform Enterprise Edition will both be based on the same core, including the repository and content management framework. Both editions are based on the Symfony full-stack framework and we know developers in the ecosystem are pumped about that! Where eZ Platform Enterprise Edition differs from the open source is Studio, support and maintenance services.

Implementing these changes across eZ materials

We are big fans of agile at eZ, and we're implementing these name changes across our materials in an iterative fashion. We've revamped ez.no and we'll be refreshing our regional websites soon in phases. Changes to documentation and other areas are forthcoming.

Questions or comments?

We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the name changes and as always, your comments and suggestions are welcomed. Drop us a note in the comments section or contact marketing@ez.no

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