[eBook] A business user’s guide to content as a service

[eBook] A business user’s guide to content as a service

Users today engage with brands across many platforms, channels and devices. Customer journeys are truly multichannel experiences and businesses need to consider content delivery as a top priority for digital success. Sites are still the hub of digital experience for many brands but every organization today should be taking advantage of its content above and beyond the web.

Content management systems (CMS) are becoming more flexible, enabling businesses to create touch points with customers on the web, in apps and connected devices. Businesses are increasingly delivering Content as a Service (CaaS) and there is a growing number of new solutions baptized as headless CMSes. A new Forrester report, The Rise of the Headless CMS, features eZ as an innovator in this area.

What is Content as a Service?

Content as a Service refers to a use case where content is created and authored independently from the place it will be used. A range of different applications may consume this content, be it websites, mobile apps, kiosks and connected devices Over time, this could mean everything from your Smart TV or Apple Watch to your fridge or your car dashboard.

The concept of Content as a Service draws a clear line between the people creating the content, the people delivering the content, and of course the people consuming it. Often referred to simply as CaaS, Content as a Service implies that content is available via a web service through an API over the Internet.

Download the eBook

Because the topic of Content as a Service is evolving-and maybe confusing to non-experts-we have created an eBook to get you started.

In this eBook, we provide business users with a guide to Content as a Service. Discover the differences between headless and traditional CMSes, and learn how a decoupled approach to content management can enable the best of both worlds.

Topics covered include:

  • What is a Headless CMS
  • Traditional vs Headless
  • What is a Decoupled CMS
  • Why the Repository is Key
  • How to choose the right approach for your business


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