CTO of Kaliop, Gilles Guirand, tells what eZ customers think of Symfony

CTO of Kaliop, Gilles Guirand, tells what eZ customers think of Symfony

Over the last 10 years, Gilles Guirand, CTO of Kaliop, has helped implement over 500 eZ Publish projects with customers around Europe and North America, making him and his team one of eZ's most active partners.

Given that experience and current involvement, we thought Gilles was the perfect person to ask how eZ customers are experiencing the switch to Symfony.

How have customers perceived the switch to Symfony?

Development teams and system administrators are often already trained on Symfony. They know that it's powerful, stable, and has the capacity to uphold best development practices, such as dependency injections, TDD & BDD testing, and continuous integration. We're finding that IT teams that favor Symfony also are attracted by and inspired by Symfony because it doesn't have the limitations and costs associated with high traffic web projects.

Any changes as far as the front end development?

eZ Publish 4.x has reached certain limits for front end development. This includes the ageing template system and the complexity of integrating modern practices like the processors CSS (LESS/SASS), FrameWork (Compass/Bootstrap), as well as optimisation techniques (CSS Sprites, Sharding, ESI). Now that eZ Publish 5 uses Twig (high performance template system) and Assetic (asset management), eZ Publish has no limitations for innovation and the cache management can be simplified with HTTP cache (possibly linked to Varnish).

What specific developments will Symfony allow?

eZ Publish 4.x already had a mature and extensive framework, as well as an API that allowed it to produce the biggest CMS projects on the planet. With Symfony's contribution, the public API and REST API, eZ Publish has taken a big lead over its competitors and offers the best development practice for Middleware developments to integrate to an IT system (SOAP, API REST, LDAP, SSO, flux XML/JSON, etc.)

Symfony provides a continuous integration that includes unit tests and functionality (PHPunit, Behat), deployment PLCs (Capistrano), the use of Doctrine for specific databases, and smart console.

What's your overall assessment of the pairing?

Today we are convinced that the eZ Publish/Symfony pairing is the best possible solution for the CMS market. The feedback from projects and major accounts reinforces our opinion.

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