Companies in every vertical are publishers

Companies in every vertical are publishers

The co-existence of multiple online and offline communication challenges are obvious.

Nowadays it is not enough to be a specialist in your vertical. Customers and competitors force companies to be present on many channels even in the financial industry.

To satisfy these needs more and more companies have to act like publishers. International companies supporting various languages need  to manage hundreds of channels including social media platforms. To handle all these channels companies are using eZ Publish as the central content provider.

But lets have a closer look at what is going on in the financial industry.

Financial product sales shifts to the Web. Cost control and customer expectations are encouraging financial services organizations to develop more self-service processes. As these become simpler, customers find it easier and adapt to a "do it yourself" approach. Such services bring savings to both the service provider and ultimately the customer, they are also more convenient and efficient and offer a brand controlled and improved user experience.

Cross-channel behavior will become more common. Customers increasingly combine and switch between multiple touchpoints, particularly during complex processes. This behavior reflects people's growing confidence and willingness to use different channels and devices for different interactions at a time convenient to them. An underlying problem prevails though, as most financial institutions built their multiple channels one at a time and customers who move between channels are exposed to a legacy of inflexible and siloed applications and processes. This can prevent banks and insurance companies from providing great services and it is harmful to brandperception.

Banks risk losing touch with some of their best customers. As customers move towards increased self-services, personal contact diminishes. People who have been part of the digital world longer are not only more likely to bank online, they are also less likely to use branches and less likely to speak to branch advisors. Banks risk losing touch with these customers and losing the opportunity to cross-sell products to them through their historically most effective sales channel: the branch.

Insurance companies need better support for agents. Agents remain acritical distribution channel for most large insurers. Migrating to self-directed channels may risk cannibalizing existing business. Digitizing the relationship with agents makes them more productive.

Knowing this, the question is how does eZ satisfy these needs in the financial industry?

More digital touchpoints with improved and unified customer experience.

The multichannel capabilities of eZ Publish allow a financial services organization to communicate a brand vision and experience as well as an efficient service commitment via all relevant channels convenient to their customers, additionally be able to generate more digital touchpoints and therefore deepening the long term relationship.

eZ Publish, as the digital heart of their online communication not only unifies the customer experience, it also reduces the total costs for multichannel communication.

The eZ Recommendation engine enriches the customer self service platforms and leads to better customer experience and higher customer loyalty.

Strengthen Sales and Agents with a digital information and collaboration platform

Corporate communications to the entire partner network help to strengthen awareness of the company's message and brand. With a huge and disparate partner network, it is even more important to care about and control the corporate communications and corporate identity.

eZ Publish allows for direct distribution, as well as distributing information, by integrating the software with partner websites or platforms. Now partners can receive approved news, automatically from a central position. By distributing content in a uniform manner, partners save time and money and financial services organizations can ensure quality assurance, high media penetration and standardization of the information distributed.

On top of this eZ Teamroom allows confidential collaboration with data exchange, discussions, shared calendars, task lists etc.

Service bus

The inflexible and siloed applications and processes can be replaced by the eZ Content Service Bus, handling both front office and back office demands.

You want to know more about eZ in the financial industry and how customers like Finanz Informatik, Sparda Bank, Oslo Stock Exhange, Royal Bank of Scotland SwissLife and many more use eZ Publish to strengthen their business? Reach out to me.

Marc Czieslick

Global Vertical Expert Finance

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