Announcing the August Release of eZ Platform!

Announcing the August Release of eZ Platform!

We're happy to share our latest Fast Track release of eZ Platform-eZ Platform version 1.11. This is a summer release affecting both the open source and enterprise editions of eZ Platform, result from the work our product team has done from end of June until now. Due to the summer vacations but also because we now dedicate a lot of our energy to work on the next generation, eZ Platform version 2, this release is not the biggest we have made. Still, there are some good changes that you might like, the noticeable ones being listed below.

For the open source platform, users of the Content Relation field type can benefit from the ability to filter which Content types can be made available to editors in a Relation field. This is a small yet very important feature and we thank Peter Keung from Mugo Web for contributing to this improvement, which is also available in 5.4.

Another area that has improved is the repository API, where we added endpoints to enable users to remove translations from a content item. This feature will be used in a further release providing a user interface that does the same thing, but for now, you can do this programmatically.

For the enterprise edition, the landing page management feature of Studio provides a new type of block called "Collection". This block lets editors simply pick and order a collection of items to be displayed in a block, offering support for different views. This block will replace the Embed block in the future, offering much more possibilities for editors, and it will complement the Schedule and Content List blocks well. Editors can really get full control of their landing page.

For more information on other features coming with the release and also on the fixes and improvements that made it to the release, please check out the 1.11 release notes.

There are two other great new things coming with this release which are not features, that I also want to mention as they were highly demanded. We were able to improve and industrialize the "Legacy Bridge" and to fully support it. This component is not new but it lets developers use the latest eZ Platform together with our legacy eZ Publish Platform including its user interface. This opens up new possibilities which we'll come back to in another blog post , we'll elaborate on what this means for you and what you can do with it!

The other news is the migration of our documentation site. As we released 1.11, we also moved the documentation to a new system under a new url:

Have a look and tell us what you think! We hope you'll find it easier and better to read.

The look and feel of the documentation pages is not the main reason why we did this migration, even if it improved a lot. We made the change to improve the documentation process and how you can contribute to it. The previous documentation was generated from Confluence, now it is directly created in Github, using the now popular solution readthedocs. Because of this, it's easy for anyone with a Github account to contribute via a pull request following a similar flow as when you contribute code. In this new process we also benefit from a better way of managing documentation of the different versions. Just switch to the version you want to read about in the version switcher and you won't be bothered by content that doesn't apply to other versions.

If you want to jump on this new release, it's available, as usual, on the various channels:

  • eZ Platform community edition is available for download on (as well as via composer)
  • eZ Platform Enterprise Edition is available for all our clients on their support portal and for all our partners, as a trial, in their partner portal

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