6 reasons why eZ is a perfect match for subscription-based media publishers

6 reasons why eZ is a perfect match for subscription-based media publishers

At eZ, we have a long track record of serving customers in the media space, especially B2B media companies that want to build a successful subscription-based business online.

With high profile customers as such The Financial Times and The Economist, the track record is set high. But why is eZ such a great fit for these organizations? Let me try to uncover a few of the key aspects of our platform that resonate with publishers.

What are the needs of B2B publishers?

I'd like to look at the following needs of B2B publishers, and then introduce just how they're solved with eZ.

  • B2B publishers need content to be behind a paywall. Online business models change all the time, and the platform behind the paywall needs to be flexible enough to meet any future business goal.
  • Omni-channel publishing: the ability to be "omnipresent" in any channel, not only digital but also print.
  • Repurposing content: the efficient reuse of content increases the chance of converting leads.
  • A content creation process that is clear and efficient, as well a simple way of managing landing pages and other promotional material.
  • The capability of selling and packaging different subscriptions.
  • Analytics that let the editorial and subscription sales teams measure performance.

How eZ solves the needs of the B2B publisher

eZ hits the sweet spot with several unique characteristics:

  • Since eZ began in 1999, we have integrated e-commerce systems into our content platform. With our expertise we've ensured efficient integration with back-end systems, including subscription management models and CRMs.
  • eZ's content repository is famous for its flexibility, allowing content strategists to build complex information architectures quickly. And the content-neutral nature of the engine allows for simple integration with web and mobile sites, apps and REST APIs. Integration even expands to legacy print systems and in-venue display boards.
  • eZ's content engine provides a solid mechanism to reuse content. Across channels and contexts, you can easily repackage content and create new subscription offers. This is a powerful means toward efficient monetization.
  • eZ is focusing on the editorial user experience, and our vision is to simplify the way people interact with content. This vision continues to produce products that allow for efficient content creation, landing page management and content planning.
  • eZ's landing page management supports sales and marketing teams in selling subscriptions. With eZ, both teams can swiftly build pages designed for converting leads and selling subscriptions.
  • Last but not least: our smart analytics give editors, as well as the marketing team, a picture of real-time analytics to support continuous optimization.

Need to build an efficient online subscription-based business? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, @bardfarstad, to start a discussion.

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