04/01/2016, 15:11

5 amazing apps made with eZ

Fifty percent of customers who search for a nearby store on their mobile device end up visiting that store within 24 hours, according to a Google study on search behavior from 2014. Compare that to the 34 percent of customers who do the same using a desktop, and you have a pretty solid reason to invest in mobile apps.

Many members of the eZ ecosystem have made apps using eZ Publish as a repository and content delivery platform. Here is a small sample of 5 apps that give a sense of what mobile apps developers have been making with eZ.

Viking Line by Ixonos

Voted Mobile Experience of the Year at this year's eZ Awards, Ixonos continues to collect accolades on its work for Viking Line, the cruise and cargo line based in Norway. Viking Line is the first cruise line in the Baltic and the third in the world to offer a full mobile experience for its passengers. The app allows for onboard online shopping and social media activity, and enables customers to communicate with each other through their smartphones, even in areas without cell service. More info on the project is available on Ixonos's site and a post from eZ.

Fidall by Novactive

With eZ Publish on the back-end, Novactive built an intuitive app for the Parisian based company, Fidall. The "Fidall loyalty cards" app lets users store all their loyalty cards in one app, making scanning the 'card' in stores that much easier. Also through localization technology, the app sends users notifications when they are near a store with exceptional deals. The app is a great success in France and has over 3,500 reviews on Google Play. You can read more about Novactive's development process here.

Christian Science Monitor by Mugo Web

For US readers who crave objective, in-depth news coverage, the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) is a go-to source. Developed by Mugo Web, CSM's tablet app, free to current subscribers, provides a visually appealing experience with high quality photos and interactive maps. With a daily feed powered by eZ Publish, customers have a reason to log on every day, and with clear navigational points throughout the app, users get a smooth digital experience. The app is available on iPad and Android.

Kuntsporten by Making Waves

A consortium of Norwegian museums including the Lillehammer Art Museum and the National Museum of Art worked with Making Waves to come up with one app that would enhance the museumgoer's experience. Targeted at children and teens, the app aims keeps them entertained and engaged through games and instant messaging with museum staff. Middle schoolers often use the "quest" feature, which sends them on a search for a range of objects in the museum. You can download the app through iTunes. For more information about the project, you can read the case study of the project put together by the The Norwegian eZ team.

KitchenAid by S'nce

For customers who bought a cook processor from KitchenAid, their experience just went omni-channel. The KitchenAid cook processor is a popular kitchen appliance that does a mind-bogglingly array of activities, from steaming vegetables to pureeing fruit. The accompanying app is a stand-alone recipe book, but to make the most of it, customers of the cook processor can register their product for added perks like personalized recipes and shopping lists. You can download the app through iTunes or Google Play and learn more about KitchenAid here.

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