2017 belongs to those who adapt fast

I always spend some time between Christmas and New Years reflecting about the past, present and future. This year there are some observations that stand out.

First is that change has never happened faster in history. We experience new innovations, new disrupting business models and fast changing user behaviors. This is extremely exciting for me as a consumer, with tons of new and improved products and services. As an entrepreneur I see huge opportunities and as a CEO of a 17-year-old business I see challenges if you are not able to innovate and adapt, both to competition and customer demands.

The winners of today are not the giants of the past. Five of the 6 most valuable companies today are younger technology organizations, overtaking the oil companies, banks and conglomerates who used to rule the list. We live in a world where the average life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company is 15 years. Sixty years ago, the average Fortune 500 company lasted 75 years, and more than half of them have disappeared in the last 15 years.

The winners are the ones able to adapt to changing user demands. Darwin´s rule of evolution has never been more relevant; "It is not the strongest, but the most adaptable that will survive." Adapt if you want to survive. The winners are the ones that are fastest to execute their changes and innovations.

Secondly we see that digital is not just about marketing and distribution. It is about your business model. For all industries. And new digital technologies and business models are key drivers of our rapidly changing business environment.

We at eZ are content technologists. We have been helping organizations realize their digital strategies since the turn of the century. In fact, we are older than the average life expectancy of a company today and we have much more to look forward to. We are a digital business, and in order to stay relevant we need to constantly change and reinvent ourselves, probably even faster than traditional industries.

In the early days of the digital age, it was about web publishing. Now we are moving beyond the web and the web is only one of many channels you need to interact with your customers. Content management is no longer about publishing, it is about creating great customer experiences.

With changing user habits, you have to work much harder to stay relevant. Smart technology using big data and artificial intelligence can help you provide your customers with relevant information and services, when and where they need it. Robots are outperforming humans in this game.

Looking into the future, change will further accelerate and digital will be more and more a key driver of your entire business. Your organization needs to adapt and the tools and technology you use will have to be open and flexible so you can rapidly implement, customize, change and adapt your solutions for your customers.

Speed and adaptability will be your most important abilities. So where does that leave eZ? What do I as the CEO have to make sure we do?

We must deliver future proof technology that helps you transform your digital business models intelligently on the web and beyond. We must create competitive advantage for you by helping you adapt and change your business models faster than your competitors.

This is our focus in 2017 and the years to come.

I love a great challenge and I promise you that we will spend all our energy helping you be more successful in the changing digital future we live in.

Exciting times.


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